313 Narayan Peth,Opp. Prabhat Press, Pune - 411030

Pune District Co-operative Housing Societies and Apartments Federation has been rendering various services in promoting co-operative housing in the city of Pune and roundabout.
Gradually its field of services is extending in several sections.

The following are the services rendered by the Federation:

1. Guidance to the members of the public, in the matter of formation of new cooperative housing societies, and to guide them in submitting their Registration Proposal.
2. Supply of various forms and model by-laws required for formation of cooperative Housing Societies.
3. Guidance to the Chief Promoters of Co-operative Housing Societies in the matter of holding first general meeting and conduct of proceeding thereof.
4. Guidance to the members of the Provisional Committee in holding first meeting of the Provisional Committee and the proceedings to be conducted thereat.
5. Supply of various forms, registers and accounts books required by cooperative Housing Societies and guidance in maintaining the same.
6. Guidance to co-operative Housing Societies and Apartments in the matters relating to Municipal Taxes, Local Taxes, Income Tax, etc.
7. To depue a representative of the Federation, to attend the General Body meeting of a society, on a written invitation of the society.
8. Guidance to co-operative Housing Societies in the matters of formulation of proposals for amedments to the byelaws.
9. Guidance to co-operative Housing Societies relating to the Provisions in the Maharashtra co-operative Housing Societies Act. 1960, the Maharashtra cooperative housing Societies Rule 1961, the by-laws of co-operative Housing Societies, the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act. 1963 etc.
10. Guidance to co-operative Housing Societies in their general as well as individual problems.
11. Publication of a monthly bulletin "Vastu Darshan" containing latest developments on all matters relating to the co-operative housing movement, Including case laws on co-operative Housing, amendments to Acts and Rules etc.
12. Holding conferences, seminars, symposiums on matters of importance to the co-operative Housing movement.
13. Mobilising public opinion on matters relating to the co-operative Housing movement through press and other media.
14. Dealing with common problems affecting majority of co-operative Housing Societies and taking up matters with authorities of the Central Government, the State Gvoernment, the Munmicipal Corporation, Municipal Councils and Local Authorities with a view to securing maximum advantages for cooperative Housing Societies.
15. To arrange 'Sahakar-Darbar' at 5 diff. locatins in Pune District to resolve the problems of co-op.Hsg. Cocys. Expert Directors and eminent legal advisers guide in this meeting. The details of this activity are given below.
16. Leave & Licence (For Flat) E-Registration facility is available in the main office.

Branch Offices

Near Datta Mandir, Building No. 16, Navi Peth, Pune 411030
(First Thursday – 5 pm to 7 pm)

Gokhale Vrundavan Society, Chapekar Chowk
(Second Thursday – 11 am to 1 pm)

Pratik Nagar, Yashwant Ngar, Tapodham Colony
(Fourth Sunday – 11 am to 1 pm)

Swapnashilp Soc. Kothrud, Pune
( Fourth Saturday – 11 am to 1 pm)

Anandnagar Park Sabhagruh, Paud Road
(Second Saturday – 11 am to 1 pm)

Ganesh Residency, Near Lotus Hospital
(First Saturday – 11 am to 1 pm)

Shree Shivaji Mandir, Rakshalekha Soc. office, near Post office Dhankawadi Pune-43
(First Sunday – 11 am to 1 pm)